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 DIY Solar Kits 



 DIY Solar

If you are looking to install some solar panels, we have an ideal solution for you.

This solution incorporates quality components which fully meet all U.K. standards for Domestic solar installations. The products are already used extensively as part of the MCS registered products for claiming feed in tariff. However although the components are fully certified, unless you are – or you use an MCS accredited installer, you cannot claim the feed-in tariff!

Solar panels

We have a range of Solar panels you can choose, all costings are done on standard Polycrystalline 250w modules. However we have other options available if you prefer, these include Black panels if you think they would look better, or Monocrystalline panels if you prefer. All panels are provided with a full Manufacturer warranty, which is typically 10 years for the physical attributes of the panels and 20 years for the performance.


This package uses the incredibly simple Microinverter technology. This instantly changes the DC to AC which is much easier and safer to work with. These highly efficient inverters also have ‘dual tracking’ which means you can have one panel on one side of a roof, and one on the other. The Microinverters come with a fantastic 25 year manufacturer warranty.


The kit prices are all worked based on one simple A Frame per panel, which is used for mounting on any flat surface. However, we will also replace this for a pitched roof mounting if you want to put them on the roof of a shed, house or other building. Wherever possible it is worth making sure we know a little about where or how you want to site or install your panels so that we can recommend the most suitable and simple solution for you kit.


Each system has a standard amount of accessories included. All accessories are of the same standard required and supplied under U.K. MCS legislation. We are happy to run through the installation process with you to make sure that you understand the standard parts you have in your system, and check if any additions may be necessary.



Van Der Valk A-Frame datasheet and Manual



Clenergy Trapezoidal Datasheet and Manual



Clenergy On Roof Mounting Datasheet and Manual