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JFY Solar eStore

JFY Solar eStore


The JFY Solar eStore unit receives information wirelessly from the sender reducing on site installation time and unsightly wiring.

Just a single clamp continuously monitors the household's unused PV energy. The JFY Solar eStore diverts the equivalent energy to the immersion to heat water instead of feeding it to the grid. Once the tank is hot any surplus energy is redirected to another immersion or resistive load. 


JFY eStore Datasheet                                        



JFY eStore Installation Manual




- Use surplus PV power to heat hot water

- Cut energy bills

- Use existing immersions 

- Simple to install wireless energy sensor

- Fully automatic operation 

- Maximise self consumption of home PV energy 

- Delivers proportional surplus energy for up to 2 resistive loads (e.g. immersion heaters, tumble dryer, etc.)

- LCD displays real time data, historical savings & running status

- Manual Boost

- Battery powered sender



- 220~240V AC

- Frequency: 50 Hz

- Power consumption: 1-3W

- Dimensions: 215 x 150 x 60mm  Wt: 0.55kg

- Suitable immersion heaters: up to 16A (3.6kW) on each connection 



Solar eStore

Sender and clamp 

Wall fixing screws

Instruction manual