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SP3000 Suitable For Dual Tracking With A 5.4Kw Lithium Battery As Standard With Extendable Battery Capacity

The SP3000 Will Also Top Up From The AC 


SP3000 Energy Storage System


This unit is not available yet. Estimated availability is August 2016

 The Growatt SP3000 unit solar battery storage unit is the next generation from the Growatt SP2000 solar battery storage unit. It will cater for a wider range of requirements than the standard Growatt SP2000 unit.

Firstly is the fact that this is a ‘dual tracking inverter’ compatible unit, so unlike the Growatt SP2000 which has single MPPT it can work with dual tracking inverters. In addition the lust for greater battery capacity has been addressed. The initial unit will be provided with a 2 x 2.7kwh battery set up. This means that each battery is smaller and lighter and can be handle/installed by one man. However an additional 2 x 2.7kwh battery pack can be added, effectively doubling the battery capacity to an impressive 10.8kwh.

The unit can be set up also to take advantage of cheaper electricity, and will charge at a rate of 1kw from the AC of the property at times which can be predetermined. More information on this part of the system is on the way to add clarity.

In general due to the increased functionality and capability the Growatt SP3000 will be a more expensive solution that the Growatt SP2000, so unless the existing installation needs the various additional functions – such as dual tracking – it may not be completely necessary for all installations.

More information will be coming through, and we will be looking to install one of these new Growatt SP3000 units as quickly as possible to provide full training and understanding of the functionality.






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