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Leadsolar L600 Micro-Inverter

25 Year Manufactures Warranty

Microinverters are attached directly to the solar panels, and immediately invert the electricity from DC to AC power. Instant advantages are the savings in losses of running DC cable around an installation. In addition each panel is optimised at source, so you get the most from each panel, whereas panels in strings will only perform to the lowest performing panel.


The technology used in Microinverters allows the manufacturers to give an impressive 25 year warranty on the performance of these units. In addition the monitoring of Microinverters is more advanced, and will allow the performance of each individual panel to be monitored, rather than the performance of the installation as a whole which is more typical with string inverters.


In many areas of the world Microinverters are used as insurance companies and in particular Fire Brigades take an understandably dim view of tackling any fire which needs to be put out as spraying water onto very high levels of DC voltage is extremely dangerous.

  • Lead Solar Micro Inverters come with an impressive 25yrs Warranty
  • They Have a Maximum Output of 500w continuous
  • Individual MPPT for each Module
  • Gateway Monitoring stores all data from each L600 Micro Inverter but not essential for installation
  • Peak Inverter Efficiency of 96.2%



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