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Leadsolar Gateway Monitoring

 The Gateway is a simple monitoring device for you Lead Solar Microinverters. By pre-registering the data and codes of the microinverter units you install, you can simply plug in the Gateway to a power point in the property, and get instant on screen and historical data on your installation.


In addition if you set up your Gateway to connect with your router, you can monitor all your microinverters (and the panels they are connected to), on the Lead solar on-line platform. This gives much greater levels of information than the Gateway itself, and allows remote access from any device with internet.

This unit once set up, is a very simple means of monitoring your installation.



Leadsolar Gateway Manual


Leadsolar Website Monitoring Manual



  1. Q: Shall I connect LeadSolar gateway to my router for monitoring?

    A: If you want to get detailed information, or monitoring your system on your PC, pad or mobile, you can connect the gateway to your router and create an account on the website If you do not have the Internet at home, you just need to register your microinverters on the gateway and get information from the screen of the gateway.


  2. Q: How many microinverters can be connected with the gateway?

    A: It supports connect with 40 LeadSolar microinverters (LS250 or LS600).


  3. Q: Can I use LeadSolar gateway to monitor inverters of other brand?

    A: No.


  4. Q: How long can the gateway record the data from microinverters?

    A: 7 days.


  5. Q: How can I get the data 7 days ago?

    A: You need to create an account on the website and register your gateway and all microinverters. Then you can get more information of your system.


  6. Q: Can I turn off the gateway?

    A: Yes. But it cannot receive data from microinverters when it is power off.


  7. Q: Why the gateway cannot talk to the microinverter after I configuring the network and registering all microinverters?

    A: Please check IDs and SNs of microinverters and reboot the gateway and wait for 15-20 min. The gateway needs to talk to each microinverter. So the gateway needs more time to communicate with all microinverters if the system size is big.


  8. Q: Shall I plug the gateway anywhere at home?

    A: We suggest you to plug the gateway close to your distribution panel (junction box). Because there is noise, which effects communication between the gateway and microinverters, on power lines. Besides, if you want to the gateway forward data to the Internet, you need to plug the gateway where it can communicate with your router via WiFi.


  9. Q: Can I use my PC, pad or mobile to connect with the gateway?

    A: No.