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Growatt Grid Tied Inverters

•Growatt product Catalog 2015 catalogPDF download(Click to View)

Growatt inverters are globally established market leaders for high efficiency solar pv inverters. Already distributed in over 20 countries throughout America, Europe and Asia, the Growatt range is now full G83 and G59 accredited for the U.K. Market.

Growatt inverters have a mature range of domestic and commercial solutions including:

•U.K. Service and support centre

•High operating efficiency

•Wide range of single and twin tracking inverters

•Fully G83 and G59 Accredited

•Simple wireless and internet monitoring

•Free Design Software


Growatt have a full range of single, twin tracking and commercial inverters.

Domestic inverters start at 1 kw up to 4 kw in both single and dual MPPT tracking options

Commercial inverters have an extensive range of single and 3-Phase inverters up to 40 kw


 Solar Plant inverters range from 100 kw to 1 Megawatt units